Pinned Fake Players on Forum/Server/Skype [READ]

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  • Fake Players on Forum/Server/Skype [READ]

    Do not trust Fake Players/Admins which ask you for your Password, NO ONE FROM OUR TEAM NEED YOUR PASSWORD!
    Our Team will never ask you for your PASSWORD!
    Check always his Stats if the Player has Admin Level OR NOT, if NOT REPORT HIM FAST!

    Check if the User has a Global Rank and is listed on our "TEAM MEMBER LIST" if not, he is a Faker and Report him fast!

    Our Admin Team never ask you for your Password or something else.
    If you see a faker in Skype, block him and never tell him your Password!
    No one from our Leader Team will add you to ask you something about your Password or something else!
    The only Leader which will help you in Skype is Morpheus(Me): morpheus2349, every other with the Name "MORPHEUS" is a faker and want to know your Account Password!

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  • Well , i saw a one player With Fake Morpheus name , and he Spoke with me About The Account and told me "You Are IDunnoAnyMore"

    But Easy , i did /dpm ! (Disabled my PM's)

    And my skype name is : Thomas.Ustunting (BeachVisitor) , if someone is doing a name with fake thomas , don't trust him . (insults or something)

    And same with forum , That is my own Account!
    when injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty

  • Some Informations:

    - Do not accept/add someone with the name XXXXXXX.ustunting, they are always fakers!

    - Do not trust anyone who talk with you and say "Your IP is: xx.xx.xx.xx, give me your Password" because there is a Security Leak in Skype which they can get your IP!

    I wont PM you because of Stats/Admin Level or Donator Level and for sure not for smalltalk if you didn't wrote me something.

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