Underground Gaming - VC:MP Server Rules

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In order to allow our players to enjoy the best stunting/freeroam experience, a set of server rules have been assembled.
These may be updated, and the administration team will make every endeavour to notify players of updates, however it ultimately remains the responsibility of the player to check the rules regularly.
These rules are enforced according to administrative guidelines.

Hacking or cheating
Hacking or cheating is the act of using any third party modification or add-on which is likely or solely intended to give you an advantage over other players.
Examples of this include, but are not limited to CLEO etc. If you are unsure about a piece of software, best practise is to not run it and contact an administrator.
However all graphical mods are allowed to be played with in this server.

Death Matching
It is allowed to kill people in any maps. However there are a few restrictions where deathmatching is a warnable/kickable action.
Do not deathmatch when US admin is hosting an event otherwise you will get jailed with no warnings.
Furthermore, if a player is camping with for example a baron in a teleport place like /ee or /sftj , this player will get a slap 3 times or freeze and if he ignores it he will gets jailed.

Scamming is prohibited in this server. If you scam a person then the victim can make an apply for lost money and if the victim has proofs that you scam you will get a warning for scamming. If you scam 3 times you will get a time ban.

Spamming & flooding & insulting
Spamming is the process of repeatedly reproducing a message, or producing a message of no relevance to a given topic.
Spamming in-game by constantly posting the same line of chat, through any of the social functions (including but not limited to, /pm, /report, etc.) is disallowed.
If you are spamming/flooding in global chat you will get muted by administrator but if you write the same text twice you will get muted automatically for 200 seconds, if this happens by accident you can ask admin to unmute you but it′s better that you just wait.
If you spam/flood/insult in personal message (/PM) you will get a warning. But if you insult in global chat you can get a warn and mute or a kick if the insult is really offensive.

Drive-by shooting
Drive-by shooting with an unrealistic weapon is allowed. Do not report people who are drive-by shooting.

Language use
Underground-Stunting embraces multi-culturalism, players can use all languages in public communication forms. For admins global messages must be in English language.
But remember, that insulting in a foreign language is the same as insulting in english.

Pauses in mini-games
Administrators hold the exclusive ability to declare a situation if a person is paused.
When he′s inside a mini-game or event while AFK, the player gets kicked with no warnings.
Do not complain about admins who kick you when you′re AFK in mini-game or event.
Furthermore, abusing “death evade” like /bg /bgoff /dm /dmoff, you can get warn from it because its an unfair way to take advantage to others.
Example: You almost killing a player, he saw you leave when you almost dead, he will do the same as a payback!

If you buy a property you get a daily income from it however if you have a house you can get in it or make a party with friends.
To let your friends in the house you all must stay in the house pickup and the owner of the house must write /enter whilst in pickup.
To sell a house you should talk to the person who wants to buy it, discuss the price and write /sellhouse or /sellprop [ID] [Amount of cash]
Example: /sellhouse 64 75000000

Command abuse
If an administrator is abusing his/her powers they can be reported on the forums and if the played has enough proofs the administrator can get demoted.
However if a player spams commands they can get kicked for reason: Command Spam.

Accounts & Account sharing
Multi Accounts are forbidden and Account sharing with other Users is also forbidden.
Accounts are limited for every User to Max 3 Accounts, if you get an error at Register please contact an Admin!