Underground Gaming - VC:MP Server FAQ

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What do I need to play on US VC:MP Server?
You need to have GTA Vice City Version 1.0 or GTA Vice City Steam Version and VC:MP 0.4 installed in order to play in Underground-Stunting VC:MP Server.

Where do I have to install VC:MP?
Do not install it to your GTA:VC directory or else you get errors when you are trying to install it!
VC:MP is by default installed at YourUserName/AppData/Local/Vice City Multiplayer
We recommend you to start VC:MP always as Administrator to prevent any errors!

I have VC:MP installed but it doesnt load my Game
As said in "What do I need to play on US VC:MP Server?" you need a working 1.0 US Version!

STEAM ONLY: Cannot find 640x480 video mode
This issue only occurs on Windows 10 as far as I know, it usually happens when your game doesn't have a settings file already or the current one is corrupted!

Step 1:
Find your game install location. This can be done with the following steps: Open the Steam® client and click on your library. Look for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, right click it and click "properties", then go into the "Local files" tab on the top and click on "Browse local files".

Step 2:
Look for "gta-vc" or "gta-vc.exe", right click and click "properties", then go into the "Compatibility" tab on the top, "Compatibility mode" should be near the top, tick "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and then out of the options select "Windows 8".
Click OK.

You should run your gta-vc.exe with Administrator rights and VC:MP also and it will work!

How do I change my skin?
To change your skin you need to write /myskin [ID of the skin]. You can find the skin IDs in VC:MP wiki.

How do I earn score? How do I earn money?
You can earn both points and money by participating events, killing people. For each kill you get 2000$ and 1 Score per kill.

My money is lost!
If you are registered, your data will always save. Do not tell your password to anyone.

How do I see my stats?
While in-game, you can see your current life stats by doing /stats. You can also use these commands to see other player's stats, by doing /stats [ID].

How do I report rule breakers/cheaters?
Firstly, do NOT spam the chat. If the rule breakers see you spamming chat for an admin, they'll stop what they're doing. If you witness someone breaking the rules, use /report [ID] [Reason]. This will alert all the admins that are online.

What are "Admins"? How do I become one?
Administrators are players that have shown that they follow the rules, are helpful to other players, and engage in all parts of the community.

Can I use mods on the server?
You can use mods that are only graphical and doesn′t change any in-game actions. You can use all skin mods etc.

How do I buy a house/prop? What can I do with a house/prop?
You can buy a house/prop from players that have one. You have to contact them personally via PM in-game and ask price of it. And if you can afford it you can buy it.
Propertys have daily income.

How do I get unbanned?
If you think you have got banned by mistake you can always make unban apply in the forums.

How do I join crew?
If you want to join crews you must go to the crews you want to be in forum section and read all the requirements to join there and make an apply.

How do I change my username?
If you want to change your name in-game you need to log on server and write /changename and after that you write your new name and confirm. After that next time you log in your VC-MP name must be changed too. You can only change your name every 2 weeks.