Announcement Paypal & SMS2Pay Donations are now automatically!

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  • Paypal & SMS2Pay Donations are now automatically!

    Paypal & SMS2Pay Donations are now automatically!

    New Donation Page for PayPal & SMS2Pay:

    Prices have been changed for PayPal & SMS2Pay:
    The Prices for Donator Rank, House or Property has been changed for PayPal & SMS2Pay

    Price List for PayPal:
    Donator Rank 3 Euro
    House (Includes 1 Month Donator Rank) 5 Euro
    Property (Includes 1 Month Donator Rank) 5 Euro

    Price List for SMS2Pay:
    [table='Type,Price'] Donator Rank 3.99 Euro House 3.99 Euro Property 3.99 Euro

    Why are the Prices so different from PayPal to SMS2Pay?:
    The Prices for PayPal and SMS2Pay are abit different, Prices for SMS2Pay are for Country to Country are almost different and the cheapest way is for SMS2Pay 3.99 Euro!
    Please make sure that your Donation is 3.99 Euro, if you cannot Donate at one time 3.99 Euro, you have to Donate multiple times to reach the 3.99 Euro!

    Why my Country is not in the SMS2Pay list?:
    Some Countrys are not added because our Provider does not Support them yet. (Maybe in the future)
    You have to Donate with PayPal or PaySafeCard.

    Which ways are Automatically?:
    PayPal and SMS2Pay are fully Automatically with Donator Rank!
    If you want a House or a Property, you have to write ME a PM.
    Note: You dont need to send me Informations about your Donation, I can check everything about your Donation via the Donator Page (Only for Leaders)

    How can I donate when I dont have PayPal or not enough Money on my Phone?:
    You can Donate with PaySafeCard but this way is not Automatically so you have to write me a PM about your Donation with your PSC Card Number and your Ingame Name.

    Why I cannot Donate for 2 Months or more?:
    The Automatically Donator System adds only 1 Month Donator Rank and cannot add more than one Month, you can always Donate when your Donator Rank is expired.

    How I can see when my Donator Rank expires?:
    Since Update v6.2.5 (r652), you see a Message at connect when your Donator Rank expires.

    Note: Your Donator Rank will be removed by System when your Donator Rank is expired.

    Why I dont see the Donations Buttons on the Donation Page?:
    You have to set your Account ID from Server at this Page:

    Where do I get my Server Account ID?:
    Since Update v6.2.5 (r652), you can see your Account ID Ingame with Command /myid

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